3COM (DSL) wireless router are using as default IP address for logged into the router admin panel, for default username and password see the table below, All models 3COM are discontinued, below are guides to access and setup configurations for 3Com routers.

3Com Username and Password

3Com ModelsUsernamePassword
WL-550 (3CRWER101A-75)n/aadmin
WL-552 (3CRWDR101B-75)n/aadmin
WL-553 (3CRWDR200B-75)n/aadmin
WL-603 (3CRWDR300A-73)n/aadmin
WL-602 (3CRWER300-73)n/aadmin
OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11gn/aadmin
OfficeConnect Cable/DSL(blank)admin
OfficeConnect Wireless 11gn/aadmin

Step-by-step How to log into your 3Com Router Login Page

Before you can access and configuring, ensure your device already connect to the 3Com router network. Make sure you type the IP address with correctly.


1. Open Web Browser and type (you can type the IP address without the http://) in the address bar of web browser - web browser

2. Enter System Password, If you first time access the router login page the default is admin

3Com Login

3. You are successfully log into the router admin page and ready to configuring

3Com Router Admin Page

If you lost or forgot the password and can’t login using the default password ‘admin‘, you can perform a factory reset, To restore the factory settings, press the reset button using a sharp object such as the tip of the pen or the needle or paper clip, press and hold for 20 seconds, release and wait until the router reboots.

Basic Setup using Wizard

Once you can logged into the router admin panel, you can perform basic setup the router using wizard or quick setup guide.

1. Click Wizard tab menu to start the basic setup

3Com Wizard Setup

2. First step setup wizard are changing the password, you can change the default password, try to mix of letters and numbers to get more secure password.

  • Field 1 insert the current password ‘admin
  • New password in field box 2
  • Retype the new password in field 3

3Com Wizard Setup Step One - Change Password

3. Second step setup wizard are Time and Time Zone

  • Check the box Using Time Server
  • Select your Time Zone
  • Select Time Server
  • Check Enable Daylight savings
  • Click Next

3Com Wizard Setup Step Two - Change Time and Time Zone

4. Select the connection type of your ISP (it’s depending what type that providing by your ISP): PPoE, PPoA, Bridge Mode (for a single PC), Routing mode over ATM or Dynamic/Fixed IP in 1483 Bridge mode (for multiple PCs).

3Com Wizard Setup Step Three - Select Connection Type ISP

5. Enter the parameter settings that provided by your ISP.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Retype Password
  • Encapsulation
  • Click Next

3Com Wizard Setup Step Four - Enter Parameter Settings from ISP

6. Click Next in Default LAN settings and DHCP Server Parameters (No need to change)

3Com Wizard Setup Step Five - Skip LAN Settings

7. Change the SSID in wireless settings for better security, you can try to change the Channel if you have a problem with the wireless connection. and Click Next

3Com Wizard Setup Step Six - Change SSID WiFi Name

8. Final step are list of the settings, click Apply if you already enter the information with correctly. The settings will saved and the router will reboot about 2-3 minutes to complete the wizard setup.

3Com Wizard Setup Step 7 Final - List Settings

Congratulation you have successfully completed setup your 3Com router.

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