Default Router’s Password List

Update: We have a database of 2,408 entries default router password lists over a wide range of router vendors. Please find your default router password in the search box we have provided for ease in finding your default router password.

You are trying to change the configuration of your router, but you forgot or did not know the password of your router, in our web page provide a list of passwords from all brands of router and model.

The list of router passwords below is the password used to log into the router’s web configuration panel instead of the username and password to log into the WiFi Router, see the detail how to log in to your router.

Below we also include a list of passwords from several brands of routers that are generally used in homes today.

Find it Here! Your Default Routers Password and Username
Select your router brand and model in the search box below to display all default router password and username.

Common Routers Admin Login

Router BrandLogin IP AddressUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://
If you still can not Log In to the router configuration panel page using the default router password we have provided here. You can take the restore to factory default setting option.

To restore the factory settings, press the reset button using a sharp object such as the tip of the pen or the needle or paper clip, press and hold for 20 seconds, release and wait until the router reboots.

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