In addition to, the Router IP Address is also widely used by some brands of routers or modems such as the Netgear and D-Link brands using the default gateway to access web-based configuration pages. IP Address is IP address of the most common gateway IP address used by most brands of wireless routers or ADSL modems such as NETGEAR, D-Link, Sitecom and another router brand that are the best-selling and most widely used routers in United States, see the table below.

Some typos are usually typing errors to 192.168 o 1, 192.168.O.1 or, other than typing error, read how to find your router’s IP Address.

Default Router IP Address, Username & Password

Router BrandUsernamePassword
SMC Networksadminadmin
What can you do with logging in to the router web admin
By typing IP address in the address bar of your browser and input default username & password.

If you successfully log into the web admin panel. You can change the type of settings in the router admin panel such as Internet Configuration, Connection types Dynamic / Static IP, L2TP, Wireless settings, Name (SSID), Password, DNS, LAN, WAN, Network Management, Security, DHCP Clients, PPOE, WPS, Parental Control, etc.

How to Configure the Router?

Before you can setup the router through the admin panel in a web browser

Make sure your computer already connected

If you are using wire connection, connect the router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. However, if you are using a wireless connection and you never change the SSID (network name) and password, see the detail printed on the product label back of your router.

Your Router IP Address, Username and Password

You need to know your router’s IP address first with its username and password. Find out your router’s IP address on the product label printed under the router, or you can check your router’s default IP address on this page.

How to Login into Router using IP Address

Follow the step by step easy way how to configure the router using a web browser below:

Step One Step One
Open your favorite web-browser and type the default IP address of the router, according to the router brand you are using. Some of  Router is

If your router’s IP address is not 19216811, try finding your router’s IP address here.
Step Two Step Two
Enter your Router username and password, then click Enter or Log In to proceed.

Search and find your default router username and password on the table list below.
Step Three Step Three
Now you can Start Configuring your router manually by selecting the settings menu and management on the router’s web interface or using the Quick/Smart Wizard setup method if this is the first time installing the router.

Using the setup wizard is the easiest method that will help guide you step by step to configure your new router and connect to the internet.

All Default Routers Username & Password List

Select your router brand in the search box below.

I forgot my router's username and password detail, what should I do?
  • If you have never changed your username and password, you can search and view the modem router product label, if no detailed information about username and password can see in the table of default user names and passwords here.
  • But if you ever change it but forget the password and the user name, you have to reset the router or modem to the factory settings.

To restore the factory settings, press the reset button using a sharp object such as the tip of the pen or the needle or paper clip, press and hold for 20 seconds, release and wait until the router reboots.

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