Comcast Login is private IP address or IPv4 that used by Comcast Business IP Gateway (modem) for accessing the configuration pages by typing in your address bar web browser on a computer or devices that already connected directly to the Comcast IP gateway.

What is For? are default IP address for accessing the Comcast Business IP Gateway configuration page, after you can logged into the Comcast gateway, you can configure the gateway setting like: Administration setting, assigned LAN IP Address, LAN subnet mask, domain suffix, DHCP, block websites, security, firewall, user access management, block outside computers etc.

How to Log-In to

Follow the step by step easy way how to Log in to the Comcast Gateway using a web browser below:

Step One Step One
Open your favorite web-browser and type the default IP address
Step Two Step Two
Enter default username cusadmin and default password highspeed, then click Enter or Log In to proceed.
Step Three Step Three
Now you can Start Configuring your router manually by selecting the settings menu and management on the router’s web interface.

Don’t forget to change the default password, for preventing unauthorized access and from unwanted users, read more below.

How to Change Password Comcast Business Gateway

After you successfully logged into Comcast business gateway, you can change default password for prevent unauthorized access or other unwanted users in Administrations Setting, below are step-by-step to secure your Comcast Gateway.

  1. Select Menu Feature Settings >> Administration, You will see the screen Password Setup display
  2. Insert default password highspeed in the Enter Current Password box field
  3. Insert your New Password and Retype the new password in Re-Enter New Password box field
  4. Insert your Password Idle Time, this amount of time (minutes) will automatically logged off when your session pass the idle time
  5. Click Apply Comcast Password Setting

h4>How to Setup LAN / IP Setup

Below are configuration set for gateway default LAN IP:

  • LAN IP address:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Domain suffix: wp.comcast.net
  • DHCP range: (optional)

You can change the Gateway’s default LAN to integrate with your existing TCP/IP network

  1. Insert The default IP LAN address: in the IP Address field
  2. Insert the LAN Subnet Mask:
  3. Insert the Domain Suffix: wp.comcast.net
  4. Check Enable LAN DHCP to allocate automatically IP addresses to the LAN client PCs, select Lease Time and Insert DHCP Start IP ( and DHCP End IP (
  5. Assign DNS Manually: (unchecked by default)
  6. Click Apply Comcast LAN IP Setup

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